DA40 D Project

(S/N: D4.047, YoM: 2003, Reg: G-CCHB)

Build your own DA40 TDI ! (Infos)

Range (60% @ 10.000'): 741 NM | Max Speed: 142 KTS | Max Altitude: 16.400 ft | Consumption (70%): 5 gal/h


This aircraft (S/N: D4.047) has been owned by Diamond Aircraft UK Ltd and was operated by Cabage College of Air Training Ltd (Cabair) until operations were ceased. The aircraft was damaged during a storm and needed repair.

Unfortunately both Diamond Aircraft UK Ltd and Cabage College of Air Training Ltd run into financial difficulties and ceased their operations. Diamond Aircraft UK is currently under insolvency administration.

A total loss was paid by the hull insurance and due to owner's insolvency was sold in an auction - without any logs and technical documentations. The aircraft has been de-registered in 2008 from the UK Register (former registration: G-CCHB).

A repair - due to the fibergrass construction of the aircraft - should be both technically possible and financially attractive. It gives the opportunity of upgrading the aircraft to most current avionics standards and bring all components to the state as new.

More ex-Cabair DA40 TDI:

  • OE-DXE (S/N: D4.050 - traditional instruments)
  • D-EWEH (S/N: D4.058 - glasscockpit)


In order to register the aircraft in Germany (or in any other european state) the following steps are necessary:

  1. A Damage Report is issued by a certified maintenance organisation (Part 145)
  2. Damage Report and pictures are sent to Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH (E: support@diamond-air.at)
  3. DAI issues Repair Instructions
  4. Repair (fuselage and/or wings) by maintenance organisation, in accordance with Repair Instructions
  5. Replacement of all time limited components


New (or overhauled) components are needed for:

  • Engine: Continental Diesel 2.0 / 2.0 S
    • (including engine mounts, wiring hareness and FADEC)
  • Propeller: MTV-6-A-/187-129
  • Avionics:
    • traditional / G1000 / G1000 Nxi / G500 etc.
  • Autopilot:
    • KAP140 or GFC700
  • Time Limited Parts:
    • Batteries
    • Fuel, Oil and Coolant hoses
    • All other time limited components


We had previous experience in repair of a damaged DA40 structure: our D-EESU aircraft was badly damaged during a runway excursion accident and was settled with the insurance as a total loss. The aircraft is currently in the process of being fully repaired and upgraded, works are to be completed by april 2019 (repair process takes about 4 months). The final result will look as good as new.


The project shall best be carried out by someone with the financial means for the repair and a high quality upgrade. Installation of a modern avionics package is highly advisable.

A certified maintenance organisation (Part 145) with experience with composite / glassfiber repair is essential.

A Diamond Aircraft / Continental Service Center is needed for installation of the engine.

Many working hours are needed for assembly and/or painting so it is highly advisable to perform the work in countries where labour is less expensive than in Western Europe, like Czech Republic (e.g. http://www.aeroengine.cz/) or Slovenia (e.g. http://www.aeroservice.si/maintenance).

If you are an aircraft mechanic or own a maintenance facility you may also be interested in this project as most of the work can be performed by yourself and/or inhouse.

Diamond Service Centers:



The repair process is an excellent opportunity to fully refurbish the aircraft and equip it with the most modern avionic package at minimal additional expense, as all parts are dismounted and easily accessible.


Traditional Panel:

  • Traditional Instrument Panel (6-pack)

Glass Cockpit:

  • Garmin G500 + GTN 750 / GTN 650
  • Garmin G1000 / G1000 Nxi
  • Traditional Panel + Garmin G5 (AI / HSI)

Risks and Benefits


The risks could be of financial nature (costs will exceed planned budget), the repair project may take more time than planned or there could be some burocracy aspects to be clarified with the national aviation authorithy.


Over the indiscutable satisfaction and accomplishment of bringing the aircraft back into the air and flying one would learn a lot during the repair / certification process.

The aircraft can be customized to personal needs and will have improved capabilities when equipped with most modern avionics. The final result could be much less expensive and performant than an equivalent aircraft.

Once fully refurbished there should be no perceived difference with an a 'new' aircraft.



  • Repair: 10 - 40 T
  • Engine (new): 60 T
  • Propeller (new): 6 T
  • Avionic (new): 40 - 60 T

Total range: 116 T - 166 T

All numbers in thousand (T) EUR.


DA40 Project comprising:

  1. All available aircraft parts (see pictures)
  2. Spare parts (seats, cowlings etc)
  3. Road trailer for transport
  4. Metal frames for fixing wings on trailer

Requested price: 22.500,- €


Note: all informations to the best of our knowledge and without any warranty !